Hunters and Seekers Event Dec 2015

Hi Andy

I just wanted to contact you to thank you very much for such an amazing day yesterday. I was looking for an innovative and exciting teambuilding activity to do with my team who have just been through a large corporate restructure (outside of the typical everyday activities which companies normally offer) and a colleague recommended you to me based on their excellent experiences. You completely delivered and exceeded on our brief.

Watching the team work together in such an exciting way and seeing people pushing themselves out of their comfort zones was so refreshing. There has been a real ongoing buzz in the team ever since. The night of the event the team’s social media feeds were full of congratulations and laughter about their joint experiences (and sharing very funny photos), even the next day in the office people were thanking me for such a great experience and continuing to relive the day – seeing those speaking in the office who wouldn’t have had much interaction in the past.

I can safely say that this is a buzz I haven’t seen before from course I have ever done. The training team were excellent in working with us; providing support, flexibility, clear direction and masses of enthusiasm from the outset. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and I will be back in touch about what we can do next!

A few from the team too:

It was great fun, such a good idea for a team building activity and great in incorporating the use of smartphones and social media. Really enjoyed it.

James W

A tactical team building treasure hunt whilst being hunted – what more could you want!? Such a fun day with work people team building and was glad to rest my feet in the evening!

Kendra Y

I found my experience really exciting and exhilarating, yet tiring! It was great team bonding especially as I was in a group with a big mix of people with different qualities that shone through and I think it was the perfect end to a busy and hectic year we have all had! The team made it feel like a real life situation and got us all in the mood.  The clues were not too complicated and we figured them out quite well!  I think I got a little competitive!

Rachael O


Sheffield Hallam University Staff. 2015

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