Expert Graduate Recruitment

Our Mission is to recruit the highest quality graduates for Sales, Marketing, Engineering and Professional Roles for your Company. We use a model based on the Army's intense Officer selection process to find your next talent to make a big impact on your company. Our selection centres are some of the most intense in the recruitment market, aimed at providing a comprehensive look at candidates to find the one with the attributes best suited to your organisation. 

Our Process

We screen all CVs and application forms to select the graduates who will come to our day long assessment. From the moment they arrive we will be assessing them to make sure that they have a special spark which will make a difference to your company. They will be tested on their communication skills, teamwork, confidence and ability to problem solve. They will also be required to sell their ideas to peers. We finally analyse the strengths and weaknesses and find those best suited to the roles that you need to fill.




For more information about Expert Graduate Recruitment Call 0114 209 6086 or email us on info@expertgraduaterecruitment.com


The job roles that we have are highly competitive, requiring self-motivated and confident individuals, and offering opportunities for international travel and a highly rewarding career. Our Graduates are the very best and are driven and hungry to succeed in their careers. If this sounds like you and you want to find out more, send your CV to info@expertgraduaterecruitment.com or call us on 0114 209 6086 to discuss our opportunities.


Expert Leadership Training

For more information on any of our courses please give us a call on 07411 792773 or email info@expertleadership.co.uk

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