Over the past 10 years, international travelling has become highly volatile to UK individuals with the increase of Terrorism and Crime around the World. The threat to holiday makers and workforce employees travelling abroad has increased due to their vulnerability, wealth and value of media coverage. Therefore, we provide a course that trains groups of individuals and employees in international safe travelling abroad.

The following subjects are the Training Objectives (TO’s)

Security Planning, Travel Documentation, Communications, Situational Awareness, Conflict Assessment & Mitigation, In-Country Security Providers, Threat, Risk & Vulnerability Management, Navigation, Kidnap & Ransom (K&R) and Vehicle Security, Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) and Emergency First Aid.

The TO’s on this course are deemed to be the minimum required standard for individuals who are, and who are not frequent travellers to hostile or insecure environments.

The HETAP Course is to manage overseas security procedures in a way that engages and involves all the delegates to achieve safe practices while working abroad.

We also endeavour to ensure that we train travellers to be fully conversant with host country laws and traditions, including a full understanding of the broad diversity of cultural norms from West Africa to South Asia.

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