Hunters & Seekers


The team building, hunters and seekers activity day will contain both practical and intellectual problems to solve. The teams will be faced with many tasks and clues to decipher and plan to win the points against the other teams.  The practical activities requires the team to use all their skills in teamwork, communication skills and the application to complete the activities.  The intellectual problems require the team to research, map read and decipher the clues to win the points before the hunter force finds them. The Hunter force is another team looking for the seekers, their sole aim is to hunt down the Seekers and win points when they find them. A fantastic enjoyable hide and seek, escape and evasion type activity.


These activities require each team to communicate throughout, plan and adapt the plan when needed, use each delegate's strength and ability to the maximum effect, use time analysts and a sense of urgency along with enthusiasm and commitment on each task.


All activities are risk assessed, fully briefed and controlled safely by the directing staff. ELT Ltd is fully insured and the activities are controlled by the professional instructors at all times who have all spent over 25 years in the British Army.


The group will be sectioned into teams of at least 10. Each team will have maps and limitations for each event. A briefing will be given and the time will start. The clues will be shown in groups of 10 every 10 minutes. Each set of 10 clues will contain 3 practical activities to complete which both groups can do. The other 7 clues will be on a basis of whoever first gets the answer, wins the points. The activity will run for 3-4 hours and will be controlled by the ELT Ltd team throughout.

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