Intermediate Management and Leadership

As managers progress the requirement for more and improved skills increases. Planning, time management and team dynamics are all developed on the intermediate management and leadership course.

This is a practical, skills based course developing managers and leaders to enable them to be more effective team leaders aimed mainly for managers and leaders with teams of ten to thirty people. We use classroom and outside areas to teach managers and team leaders advanced skills and then practice these by briefing, managing and developing a team in different tasks and scenarios.

Our training takes managers and team leaders out of their comfort zone and places them in management focussed scenarios which require them to practice the skills they have been taught.

Using group feedback and individual assessment by staff, managers and team leaders learn and develop their individual skills enabling them to apply these back in their work environment.

This hands on, scenario based training, gives managers and team leaders the self-confidence to take their new skills in to the work place and be more effective in in dealing with issues. Being away from their normal work environment, managers and leaders can practice, in a safe environment, what works for them with no commercial consequence.

Expert Leadership Training

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