Team building for Sheffield Hallam University Staff

Andy and his team have brilliant communication skills and they kept us up to date the whole way through. Andy is approachable, enthusiastic and a real pleasure to work with and I can’t thank him enough for organising and running such a fantastic team building event. It was challenging, fun and it got everybody smiling. The whole team was really enthused and I am sure it will be talked about for many months!

I hope to work with you again in the future!

Thank you!’

‘I have been lucky enough to have taken part in two Expert Leadership Training events. Both different but both equally exciting and impeccably well organised. Clear instructions and objectives were given at the start of both events so teams knew exactly what the events involved. I have never taken part in team building activities like these and I would highly recommend Expert Leadership Training. Both events were great fun and there was a good mixture of mental and physical challenges involved.

One event was called Hunters & Seekers and this involved using the whole city to find clues, agents and taking pictures to earn points. It was so exciting and I felt as though I was in a real undercover operation!

The other event was Crystal Challenge, this was more localised to my workplace and had a real mixture of mental and physical challenges – It had an essence of the crystal maze! It was great seeing so many work colleagues eager to get involved. Everybody seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves! I personally loved the hilarity of mission impossible and the team eagerness (and frustration) that came with one of the mental number block sorting challenges – we were so close to figuring it out, but our time ran out!

It had everything you would want and more from a team building afternoon! Thank you so much guys!

Abbi – Sheffield Hallam University – July 2016

Team building With Sheffield University Staff – Feb 16

Why did I use ELT?

I am a new manager to my department, and my team is split across 2 offices. I wanted to bring my team together and develop productive team relationships to overcome the physical barrier of locations, while also being able to assess what type staff I have within my team.

When you say ‘teambuilding’ staff think of workplace meeting rooms, sticking post-it notes on walls, desk based games, and questionnaires telling you what type of animal you are. While these are good ways to teach the theory of leadership and teamwork, it doesn’t actually challenge people and get them work together as a team, and if I’m honest, staff find it boring.

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Hunters and Seekers Event Dec 2015

Hi Andy

I just wanted to contact you to thank you very much for such an amazing day yesterday. I was looking for an innovative and exciting teambuilding activity to do with my team who have just been through a large corporate restructure (outside of the typical everyday activities which companies normally offer) and a colleague recommended you to me based on their excellent experiences. You completely delivered and exceeded on our brief.

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Feedback from 2 Delegates on the MEP Course

We conducted a 5 day practical and theory based Managers evaluation and planning Course and asked the delegates to give us feedback on all aspects of the course.

We also asked them to score the areas with feedback 5 being excellent and 1 being bad, and they have scored 5 out of 5 in all areas.

I was lucky enough

“I was lucky enough to have a session with Andy and Andy from Expert Leadership Training. The first thing that strikes you is the upfront planning that goes into their events, the second is the unique, exciting and fun atmosphere they orchestrate. The course was hands on and, on reflection, thought provoking. Gelling a group of people, some of whom had not met before, in a matter of a few hours.

The group of people there that day will perform better together as a direct result of that training with Expert Leadership Training and I would not hesitate to recommend and use them in the future. If every manager in the UK went on a course with them the world would be a better place!”

MD of Diced Ltd a software company

We need a team with leadership qualities

CSC are restructuring the business to create a lean enterprise with a ‘can do’ attitude. This is a cultural change and one that is of strategic importance to the business. In order to gain greater control of the production process and empower our employees we are elevating some of our operators to the position of team leaders. This is a step change and in order to give us the best chance of selecting the candidates with the highest probability of success we decided to employ Expert Leadership Training to assess 8 individuals for the team leader positions.

The assessment day was professionally approached and covered all team leading areas required which gave us a view of their leadership skills prior to selecting various individuals for promotion.  Myself and another manager attended the days events to view the training and were very happy with the quality of the instructors and the content they covered.

Once the team leader structure is in place, we will be using ELT to calibrate the progress of each individual and tailor a coaching and mentoring programme to maintain progressive development.

This is a different approach and some companies may turn to more traditional routes such as an NVQ programme, but we need a team with leadership qualities, not a certificate.

Expert Leadership Training also provides bespoke leadership courses and I am considering using them to further develop my workforce, including senior management.

Mick Pinder – General manager Chesterfield Special Cylinders

Good information to take away

The Day allowed me to see that planning a job makes completing the task easier. Our communication as a team will improve as we rely on each other. Our efforts today have been joint efforts and as a result success. Good information to take away which I see can be introduced into every day tasks.

Activities were well organized

Overall found the day very useful, we have been offered a different method of planning and a more structured manner.  Activities were well organized and varied enough not to feel repetitive. Intermittent evaluations of what we were doing/had done were useful to encourage better planning.