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Expert Leadership Training Ltd is a training company with a difference.

All of our leadership training is hands on and scenario based, reflecting our conviction that true leadership and management cannot be solely taught in a classroom but has to be experienced and practiced.

We always ensure our clients receive valuable and applicable training within their budget. To do this, every course we provide is designed in consultation and partnership with the client, reflecting their identified training needs. This ensures the correct training at the right level is provided to every participant.

Established in 2010, with main training locations in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire, Expert Leadership Training Ltd have successfully trained individuals from organisations ranging from Universities and City Councils through to manufacturers and retailers in all aspects of management, leadership and team building.

Now operating throughout the UK, our courses allow companies to have the option of training closer to their main base or coming to a bespoke training facility in Derbyshire.

Our instructors, the majority of which are Ex-Military, have led and trained teams, large and small, in many situations and are able to pass on their knowledge in a professional and enjoyable way.








Andy Wyatt - Director 

Andy Wyatt has served over 32 Years in the British Army, starting at the rank of Private through the ranks to a Commissioned Officer. His precise and professional approach to the development of individuals, through the delivery of progressive qualitative skills training, allows a unique experience which greatly enhances the individual's overall capacity.


Expert Leadership Training

For more information on any of our courses please give us a call on 07411 792773 or email info@expertleadership.co.uk

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